Eager to jump on new projects and challenges.  Designer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of international design experience working in various industries including consumer technology, lifestyle products, toys, sporting goods, bags, medical and more.

Experienced in leading projects and teams, while overseeing the full process from research to market ready.  Collaborated with major technology manufacturers such as Foxconn in using advanced manufacturing methods.
Highly interested and involved in user-centered design approaches related to Industrial and User Experience design.  Specialties include, design thinking, user experience design, concept development, user research, prototyping and extensive overseas and domestic vendor interaction.

Having lived in both North America and Asia has further expanded my appreciation for cultural diversity and allowed me to adapt to new ways of doing things.   Achieving simplicity is often challenging but gratifying.  Fluent in 3 languages, love traveling the world and discovering new cultures.  I try to live a healthy and balanced life, I grow my own fruits and veggies... I know I know, it's very California of me. 

Gianluca Camarda
Los Angeles California
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