Eager to jump on new projects and challenges.  Designer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of international industrial design experience working in various industries such as consumer electronics, toys, juvenile products, sporting goods, bags, medical and more.  Having lived in both North America and Asia has further expanded my appreciation for cultural diversity and allowed me to adapt to new ways of doing things.  Experienced in working with small consultancies and large corporations while leading teams and overseeing the full development process.  Collaborated with major manufacturers such as Foxconn and Quanta Computer.  Designing a small piece of the pie isn't as glorifying as being part of it all, that's why I value the process, defining users experiences and the final outcome above all else.  Fluent in 3 languages, passionate about design, and determined to find new design challenges that will take Industrial Design to a new level.

Gianluca Camarda
Los Angeles, California 

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